Ilaria Zetti had her first encounter with Ashtanga Yoga in 2005 as a self-learner and in a discountinous way, until 2009 when she met Elena De Martin, her first teacher who made Ilaria’s passion to the practice grow, and suggested her to use yoga as a tool to match her job as a physical therapist.
During the following years, Ilaria has practiced with different teachers, such as David Swenson, Kimberly Flynn, Mark Darby and Camino Diez.
In the same period attended a workshops to further learn about chanting and Indian phylosophy with Dr. M.A.Jayashree and his brother, Professor M.A.Narasimhan, founders of Ananatha Research Foundation of Mysore, India.
In 2010 she took a yoga holiday with her teacher Lino Miele, whom she has been following contantly since 2011 in his workshops both in Italy and in India.
In 2015 she quit her jobs as physical therapist, to dedicate herself completely to the study of Ashtanga Yoga, and in May 2016 she received from the teacher Lino Miele, during the In-Depth Study, the diploma to teach the First Series.